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Wholesale books

5 Reasons to wholesale books

If you’re an author or publisher, you may have considered selling your books through wholesalers. Wholesaling your book can be a great way to reach a wider audience and increase sales. Bookvault offers the perfect platform for users to wholesale their books, from print to sale. The following are five reasons why you should wholesale your book!

It’s super easy to get started!

Wholesaling with Bookvault is easy. Once you’ve submitted your digital file (or hard copy for scanning) into Bookvault, you’ll get the option to go wholesale. Upload your titles securely in our digital repository, so there’s no worrying on your part about protecting your publications! Once you’ve given the go-ahead for wholesale, we’ll feed your title to our list of distributors, who will decide whether or not to stock your title. However, our distributors want more titles listed! After they’ve accepted your title into their library, it’s all plain sailing from here. The customer buys your publication, and we then fulfil the order by printing and delivering on behalf of the distributor. You get paid, we get paid, and the customer gets to delve into a brand-new book! Congratulations – you’re now selling books without having to lift a finger.

Increased exposure

We’re proud to work with such a respectable list of distributors. We have faith in your publication and that it will get ample exposure once it is fed to multiple new libraries. Also we signed a partnership with Baker & Taylor, a leading USA wholesaler with over 180 years in the industry. With this new partnership comes a new global market and an abundance of new opportunities for our customers! This hugely successful wholesaler is just ONE of the many distributors who can stock your title! That’s fantastic exposure with zero marketing effort on your part (and at no cost, too!)

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Thirdly, if you wholesale your books it benefits everyone involved. As the author/publisher, you are making money and getting exposure without having to do anything(aside from writing and uploading your masterpiece, that is!). The distributor is paid for bringing your book to their market, and of course, we’re also taking a small cut to cover our printing and distribution costs. It works for you, it works for the distributor, and it works for us. You will receive revenue on each sale of your book.

Always high-quality print

At Bookvault, we pride ourselves on achieving the same high-quality print on the same paper stock across the UK and USA. Our global availability of high-quality colours means your book will always look impressive, no matter where we print it.

Wherever you are, premium service comes as standard.

Book Sales

Finally, going wholesale with Bookvault isn’t exclusive. You can use this service to help drive additional sales of your book. Best of all, it doesn’t require any set-up costs; marketing, administration, handling, storage facilities, or any risk.
The beauty of this service is that we print, fulfil and distribute your book orders, so you can rest assured that our team are keeping everything under one roof. It’s quick, easy, makes you money, and can be done by ticking a box and signing our wholesale agreement, which is available upon request.
So, what’s stopping you? Unlock the full potential of your books and sell via wholesale!

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