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why print on demand

6 Reasons to print books on demand

Print on demand is a highly beneficial solution for authors and self-publishers. With this technology, books and other printed materials can be produced and sold in small quantities. This eliminates the need for large upfront printing costs or the burden of storing unsold inventory. This is especially true with Bookvault, as we print at competitive prices, with exceptional high quality, from as low as a single copy. These are just a couple of reasons to print books on demand.

Authors have the ability to sell their work directly to their audience, bypassing the traditional publishing process. This not only saves time and money, but also provides greater control over the final product and distribution. In addition, print on demand allows for real-time customization and personalization, such as printing books with the author’s signature or personal message. Read on for a breakdown of reasons to print books on demand as an author.

Cheaper Stockholding

Keeping books in warehouses or offices costs money and takes up space. Printing on demand reduces stockholding. This is done by only printing books and other materials as they are ordered, rather than printing large quantities in advance. This eliminates the need for authors and publishers to store large amounts of unsold inventory.

With print on demand, books can be produced and shipped directly to the customer, reducing the risk of having unsold stock using up storage. This also allows for greater flexibility, as changes can be made to the book or product design at any time without having to worry about disposing of outdated inventory.

In addition, print on demand eliminates the risk of financial loss due to overstocking or obsolescence, as there is no need to invest in large quantities of inventory upfront. This also makes it easier to test new products or designs without the risk of being stuck with unsold stock.

Benefits for the customer

Also, Bookvault’s print on demand, customization options like author’s signature or a special message are available. Quick delivery is also possible as books can be produced and delivered to the customer efficiently. Books printed on demand can be swiftly passed on to their buyers. Because books are straight off the press, they will be in pristine condition, and not at risk of damage from months of warehousing or transportation. The books we print have only three touchpoints before they leave our factory, ideal for customers.

Forever in print

With print on demand, books need never fall out of print again. Previously, titles that did not justify a full print run might be left to disappear. POD gives publishers the opportunity to make them available to consumers forever. Their text can be updated at any time too, without the need to return to a high-volume print run.

Top print quality

Gone are the days of print on demand books lacking print quality. If you have not taken a look at POD output for a while, you may be surprised at the capabilities. Bookvault has invested in new inkjet technology that prints to the same quality as litho, and on coated stock too—but in a faster and more cost-effective way.

International reach

Bookvault can open your books to global sales by providing access to a wider distribution network. Bookvault have an extensive range of retail (https://bookvault.app/category/retailers/) and direct selling (https://bookvault.app/category/integrations/) options.
By printing on demand with Bookvault you are able to open your book to a huge audience given our integrations and links to major retailers

Great value

Print on demand options have become closer in price with traditional publishing in recent years due to advancements in printing technology, increased competition in the POD industry, and the elimination of large upfront printing costs and inventory storage associated with traditional publishing. The growth of POD has made it a more affordable option for authors and publishers. With no minimum order requirements, and has contributed to the convergence of POD prices with traditional publishing prices. This has become one of the driving reasons to print books on demand.

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