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BookVAULT New UI Release

Time For A Fresh New Look!

The latest updates make managing your print catalogue easier than ever before. We never stop innovating and your feedback helps us constantly improve BookVAULT, so you can sell and print your books with ease.

We have completely re-designed the user interface of BookVAULT, making the process of uploading and managing your titles that much easier. We have replaced the old look and feel with a youthful and fresh e-commerce style. Alongside the new e-commerce style, we have made sure that we have optimised the system for all different devices, whether it is on your desktop, tablet or mobile – keep in control of your titles with BookVAULT on the go.

We’ve made the order processes much more user friendly, you can now save your order at any point and return to it later without having to re-key any information – a pay at checkout feature means you no longer have to abandon an order-mid way through too!

Last, but not least, we have added ‘dark mode’ so you can personalise your view of BookVAULT how you want t!

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We wanted to share this new system with you early, so have opened this up on an open Beta which will run alongside the current version. We want to hear from you, let us know what you think of the new system by filling out our feedback form.

Known Issues :

  • No spine/sizing calculator
    • This is available on the library/new title page, but not on it’s own separate widget – this will be added soon
  • File uploads
    • When uploading files, a ‘server error’ may appear, this can be be solved through a refresh

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