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How Much Does it Cost to Print a Book?

With Bookvault the price of print-on-demand is made affordable,  there are no hidden costs or fees. Want to know how much it will cost to print a book? creating an account is free and only requires a small upfront cost to get your titles live and sell on our global distribution network!

We like to be upfront with pricing, as we believe it shouldn’t cost a fortune to print a book.  We’ve outlined our cost below! Don’t forget, that you can always use our simple pricing calculator to get a quote and understand the cost to print a book!

adding a title to bookvault

Adding a title to Bookvault

£19.95 or $24.95

Or FREE with an Alliance of Independent Authors membership*

To set up a new title on your Bookvault account costs £19.95. This covers the costs of our file validation checks and allows us to give you the best print price! We understand that you are serious about selling books, and so are we! By having this title fee we can ensure that our authors are committed to selling the titles they upload, preventing us from having to validate millions of titles monthly.

If you’re expecting to add a large number of titles, we would recommend upgrading to a BookvaultPro account. For just £89.95 ($114.95) a month, you can upload as many files as you may need in one go.

* If you are a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors you have access to exclusive free title upload codes every month, you can sign up for ALLi’s useful author services or as little as £69 per year

Replacing Files

Replacing files


Replacing files for your titles on bookvault is free! Simply use our inteli-file upload process to upload your files, and we’ll validate and make them live for all your future orders!

print and distribute

Placing orders

No hidden costs

Placing orders is simple and easy. You simply pay print and the associated dispatch costs! It’s as simple as that! There’s also no cost to use our automation tools too, so you can save time at no extra cost!