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Bookvault acts as our virtual warehouse. We know we will always have the stock when we need it, because bookvault will print it for us. We knew that bookvault could offer exactly what we wanted. They have a complete focus on all our publishing needs.
Their timeframes are reliable; they hit their targets; process all our orders; produce quality prints; and technologically they’re great too – we can use their portal to track and trace all our orders.

As a journal publisher, you'll have access to....

Our retail network & partnerships

With bookvault, you’ll have access to retailers from across the globe with just a few easy clicks! Even without a registered ISBN you can list your journal on the The Great British Book Shop to gain additional sales. Simply categorise your title, add a description and set the RRP’s, and let bookvault handle the rest 

Tools to help you automate and sell more

Having a bookvault account opens more avenues for selling your books, especially through direct sales! Gone are the days of boxes piled high in your office and trips to the post office to manually send orders out. With our toolbox of app’s & plugins, you can launch an avenue for direct sales in minutes. Utilise our apps for free from the leading platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Zapier and let bookvault handle the rest!

We care for the environment

We can do more together!

The environment is a very prominent subject within the publishing industry. With bookvault and our partner Ecologi, you can do your bit to help become a sustainable publisher. When placing your order, you can choose to offset the carbon needed to produce your order, as well as plant additional tree’s to do that little bit more!

Easily Manage Your Customers

Bookvault has been built with Journals in mind. Using our subscription lists and contact management tools, you can easily build up your database of subscribers and send them the latest edition in just a few clicks! Simply upload the new edition, go to the checkout and select the list you want to send it to… it’s as simple as that!

You define our production speed

We get it, predicting sales volumes is tricky! There’s also nothing worse than the doubt of whether your books will arrive for your important event. With bookvault, you can define the production speed of your order, with the potential of same day dispatch! This means you can worry less and focus on what matters most, selling your title!

Custom Sizes

Flexible Sizing

The size of the book should be as unique as the content inside it. We don’t limit our publishers to set standards allowing them to define any size from A6 to 297mm x 297mm at no additional cost and still just a minimum quantity of 1! Our state of the art book finishing line adapts to your specifications, and produces a perfect copy no matter the size!