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Shopify is one of the most rapidly growing e-commerce platforms, offering a simple to setup, cost effective package. During the pandemic, it has seen a 86% increase in revenue, helping with the independent business boom. They deal with everything, from the website hosting to taking secure payments. With the BookVAULT app, you can integrate with Shopify to easily list titles on your store and fulfil orders automatically without the need for any manual intervention

How it works

Install the BookVAULT app on your Shopify store

You can link your BookVAULT account up to your Shopify store simply by installing the app through the Shopify app store. This allows BookVAULT and Shopify to communicate to share your titles data, as well as customer orders.

Setup your titles on Bookvault

Choose how you want your titles to be printed. Choose from our range of bindings, sizes and stocks to get your product just how you want it. Once you’re happy, upload your files ready to print when they’re ordered.

Push your titles to your Shopify store

Next, you can select which titles to push to your store. Simply press the ‘Upload’ button, and BookVAULT will push it directly to your store, and setup the product listing. You can alter your titles at any point through the BookVAULT portal, and the changes will automatically be fed out to your store​

Sit back and let BookVAULT handle the rest

You can then sit back and watch the sales roll in. You can track and view your order in real-time through our BookVAULT portal to stay in control

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Why Just Stop Selling On Shopify?

By using Bookvault, you’ll gain access to our global retail network, opening up even more avenues for sales! With just a few clicks, you can list your titles on retailers such as Amazon, The Book Depository and Alibris.

Just like when you make a sale on Shopify, we’ll print the title as and when they’re ordered, delivering it directly to the customers door. You’ll be able to track all the sales through your Bookvault account, with the profits paid into your account!

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