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Unveiling Our upcoming Machinery To Elevate Your Special Edition Books!

In the ever-evolving world of printing and publishing, innovation is key to staying ahead. We’re excited to announce the latest additions to our lineup of advanced machinery: the state-of-the-art Sprayed Edges, Spot UV, and Foiling Machines. These new cutting-edge machines are designed to elevate your special edition books, offering unmatched precision, creativity, and efficiency. Now lets discuss just how these machines are going to level up your book designs! 

Sprayed Edges: Making Your Special Edition Books The Most Unique On The Shelf

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce that we are still on track to receive our new sprayed edge machine at the end of July! This state-of-the-art equipment will enable us to enhance our production capabilities and offer even more creative and high-quality edge designs.
Green sprayed edges special edition books

Key Benefits:


Visual Appeal: Instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your books, making them stand out on any shelf.

High Precision: These sprayed edges can be designed to match your exact atrwork, allowing for detailed design to match your cover style.

Spot UV: Highlighting Perfection

Next in our addition to the new add-ons is our Spot UV machine, perfect for adding that extra touch of luxury and quality to printed materials. Spot UV coating involves applying a high-gloss,raised finish to specific areas of a print piece, creating a striking contrast with the book surface. This technique is ideal for highlighting logos, images, or text, giving your special edition books a premium feel.

Key Benefits:


Enhanced Detail: Make key elements of your design pop with a glossy, eye-catching finish.

Textural Contrast: By adding a glossy finish to specific areas, spot UV creates a tactile contrast between the coated and uncoated parts. This can make the material more engaging to touch and handle.

Foiling Upgrade: Shimmer and Shine With Your Special Edition Books

Lastly, our new Foiling machine is set to revolutionise our foiling capabilities, offering far greater precision, meaning you can design even more intricate details and alignments into your works. This new machine will also allow for us to produce over 10x as many foiled covers as we can currently. This machinery, originally scheduled for 2025, will now be implemented ahead of time in early July to better serve your needs and exceed your expectations.

Key Benefits:


Luxurious Finish: Elevate your titles with intricate designs that exude quality   

Distinctive Branding: Foil can make a brand logo, book title or art style stand out, enhancing brand recognition and making the book more memorable.

What can these new embellishment features do for you?

With the addition of our upcoming machinery, the opportunities for growth as an author are endless.

  1. Catch Eyes: With the ability to add unique and striking features to your prints, you can attract readers with more visually appealing titles that draw attention.
  2. Kickstarter Tiers: Special edition features are ideal for Kickstarter rewards for potential backers, they can provide that extra level of quality that your super fans are willing to pay more for, increasing your profit margin substantially.
  3. Amplify your genre: Certain bespoke features can suit genres perfectly, the only limit is your creativity!

The introduction of these latest bespoke features mark a significant milestone in our mission to provide the highest quality printing solutions. We can’t wait to see what great new special edition books come off the press!

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Thank you for taking the time to read about our latest advancements.

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