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How useful is ChatGPT for authors?

In 2023 so far, ChatGPT has been at the forefront of conversation online. ChatGPT is a free artificial intelligence chatbot with the capabilities to mimic human conversation, compose music and carry out research to name a few. The application requires zero technical know-how, simply type into the chat box what you’d like to generate and press enter. Within the first few months of its formal release, it has become the fastest-growing consumer application in history. The application has not been void of critics however, with many fearing that artificial intelligence will slowly make many workers obsolete. This blog will consider why you should use ChatGPT as an author.

Idea generation

One of the key benefits, and why you should use ChatGPT as an author is idea generation. Having trouble with writer’s block? It can assist in this regard by generating prompts or ideas based on a particular topic or keyword. If you’re stuck when writing, try a command like ‘give me fantasy writing prompts’ and you will get generated prompts to stimulate your writing.


In addition to idea generation, ChatGPT can also be a valuable research assistant for authors. When writing on a particular topic, it can be time-consuming and challenging to sift through large amounts of information to find what is relevant. ChatGPT can help by answering questions or providing relevant information on a particular topic, saving authors time and effort. The application is certainly still in its development stages, and therefore it is still learning. This means it’s important to validate your research where possible, as there is always a potential for information to be incorrect.

Writing quality

ChatGPT can also assist authors with the writing process itself. It can provide suggestions on how to improve sentence structure, grammar, or the overall flow of a piece of writing. This can be especially helpful for authors who are not confident in their writing skills or who are writing in a language that is not their native tongue.


Another area where this application can be beneficial to authors is in marketing their work. By generating ideas for book titles, blurbs, and taglines, ChatGPT can assist you in creating marketing materials that will catch the attention of potential readers. It can also provide insights into what readers are looking for in a particular genre or type of book, helping you tailor your writing to meet reader expectations.


Overall, ChatGPT has been a topic of controversy in 2023 with arguments surrounding it replacing the work of humans, and writing lacking that human touch. However it is undeniable that the application can bring great value as a tool to optimise writing or help generate ideas for authors.

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