Sell books on your WooCommerce store in minutes

Woo-commerce is the leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress sites. It can be plugged directly into new or existing woo-commerce stores, fulfilling any orders of titles in your bookvault library. The app will display up to date shipping rates at checkout giving you piece of mind all your costs are covered, allowing you to focus on the things that matter more!

How it works

Install the WooCommerce plugin

Once you’ve reached out to one of our integration specialists ([email protected]) you’ll be able to install the WooCommerce app directly on your WordPress site.

Register for a free developer account

Once connected, you next need to configure your shipping settings. You can choose which countries you wish to send to, as well as any changes you wish to make to the BookVAULT shipping prices. You can choose to reduce the cost your customer pays, or increase it to make more revenue.​

Configure your WooCommerce store

You will need to make sure the SKU of the products you wish to be printed by bookvault match up the ISBN’s of your titles on bookvault. this is how the plugin knows which title to place the orderfor

Sit Back & Let BookVAULT Handle The Rest

Bookvault will provide up to date shipping rates to your store, and process any orders that are placed for titles in your bookvault library.

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