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What makes Bookvault the perfect alternative to Ingram Spark?

It can be hard to select a POD provider in such a saturated market; the choices are endless. At Bookvault, we pride ourselves on our offering to customers. Read on for why Bookvault is an ideal alternative to Ingram Spark.


Bookvault is an industry leader when it comes to print options. We offer a near-infinite selection of custom sizes, and six different types of binding, from hardback to wire-bound! On the other hand, Ingram offers three binding types and a limited range of sizing for all three.

 Bookvault allows you to make your book exactly as you want, with countless bespoke options. We understand that titles should have a personal touch that makes them stand out. This is why we offer extra finishing touches such as foil blocking, and our soon-to-be-released ribbons/head and tail bands.

Direct sales

One of the biggest competitive advantages for Bookvault is the option to sell direct with integrations. Bookvault has developed a number of direct selling integrations recently with Shopify, WooCommerce and Payhip (With many more to come) Direct selling should be a must-have for an indie author in 2023 as the benefits of doing so are abundant, especially regarding profit margins! 

Ingram Spark currently have no direct sales integrations, severely limiting your selling options as an author online.

Customer service

In the past week, Ingram Spark has launched customer services that come at a price. For $49 and $25 respectively you can get an hour or thirty minutes of support. At Bookvault we believe that support should of course be offered free of charge.

We are constantly working to make the Bookvault process as seamless and intuitive as possible. Bookvault has been busy working on our new help centre; this gives you an answer to any questions you may have about our services with a quick search function.

Prefer to talk problems through? Our dedicated team of experts are always available via e-mail or live chat; you can even request a call or meeting via our contact page.


Bookvault is an alternative for Ingram spark for Print on demand book services

Vibrant print

Bookvault print on coated stocks, your books will come to life with such vibrant colours. These colours are especially prominent when printing kids’ books or picture books. If you want your books to stand out from the crowd and catch readers eyes, look no further than Bookvault. Don’t just take our word for it; reach out and get a sample copy and see for yourself!

Low-content books

One entrepreneurial strategy you may want to undertake is low-content books. Low-content refers to titles such as diaries, notepads and journals; these can be designed and sold en masse. Unlike many print-on-demand services, Bookvault allows you to print and sell low-content books. This is even more appealing when considering the direct selling options that Bookvault provides. By selling these low-content books directly, you can vend through your personal store and retain a huge profit margin, this is a highly automated selling route.

We accept Kindle Direct Publishing files

Unlike Ingram Spark, Bookvault accepts KDP formatted files, making it easier to transfer your files. You won’t need to invest the time and money into getting a designer to reformat your files to fit our system!

Set-up speed

Set-up times with Bookvault are lightning-fast, you can sign up and add a title in just minutes. With Ingram Spark you can expect account set-up to take 3-5 business days or even longer as they process your account, preventing you from starting to print. This is on top of a 24-48 hour wait to be able to place an order. On Bookvault your titles will be ready to purchase within the hour.

Bookvault has faster setup than Ingram spark


In conclusion, Bookvault is an ideal alternative to Ingram Spark, we offer unparalleled customisation options, sales-maximising integrations and a service that is intuitive and fast. Try it out for yourself, get a quote or sign up!

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